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Primary Twins

My choice to dedicate all my energy and vibration to the creation of art shifted my existence. I went from knowing who I am to being who I am. I have been an artist in one form or another my whole life, but kept it private. Some say it's brave to expose yourself and I can appreciate why. My work is not for validation, but for sharing. My creations share one common theme; they are from pure, unconditional, high vibration love. I've been asked by many why this technique? What does that stroke mean? How do you choose colors? The answer is, I don't. The pieces have all revealed themselves to me through the process. They share a perfection in their imperfection, and, for me, transmit a frequency that connects to love, emotion and memory. My work is a journey both into my colorful visions as well as in and out of body travels, which I have then expressed onto both canvases and photographs that reflect my light. My simple little soul being what it knows itself to be.

come check out our art work at:

164 NW 20th st

Miami, FL, 33127




Ori Gal

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