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I was born in Israel in July of 1971. I never imagined having my lifetime passion as an actual career. I have enjoyed a varied and successful career in business, real estate and banking; converting several ideas into living companies and products.


After 20 years of mainstream existence, I took my passion out of the basement. “ManySkin” was a last minute exhibition during Miami Art Basel 2015, and was an expose of ‘difference in same’. Display fashion mannequins were provided to several artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, graffiti artists) and the only guideline was to cover the lifeless, sexy bodies with anything but clothes. The resulting exhibition, shown at the LAAM Latin America Art Museum and supported by Gary Nader, was a travel through society and beauty.  It proved to be an exciting experience for artist and patrons alike. Scenario Gallery has also encouraged and supported my first commercial solo exhibition and showing of my collection. 

The magic of color and its monotone desire to morph and blend is a gift I enjoy more than anything. A timeline of my artwork from my first painting 20 years ago, to the recent pieces in this collection show a true growth and change. Just as in life, as experiences collect, the highs and lows impact, and the self slowly and uniquely becomes the now. 

​Shortly After Miami Art Basel week I went to Israel to visit my children and during New Years Eve I spent the night playing with fire and Photography, the outcome was magical.


Today all I want to do is create! Create is beauty with love.

I bless every piece with the word Amen, as I humbly know that while the creations may have come from my hands,  it is the guidance of the light that allows me to reflect into my art the wave movement that you see on my final pieces. That is what inspires me and allows me to continue to express how I feel through my creations.


I feel blessed. Amen.


Ori Gal Exhibition
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